Making the best leather wallets money can buy !

Making the best leather wallets money can buy !

Whilst searching for my next product, it can be a little hard to find inspiration. I mean sure, there are a million types of leather wallets out there, but what is actually being used and is useful.

My aim it to always fit as much as possible, in as little as possible, and keeping the quality to a premium. To keep a design minimalistic and have enough room to carry all your essentials can be a little tricky, depending on what your essentials are of course. 

So this project was inspired but the amount of wallets I have seen recently with key loops. Now I for one lose stuff quite often, and what I have found, is that if I have things connected all together, the possibility decreases, as I have to take it all out at once. 

So leaning on that, I created this leather keychain wallet, with a Nickel plated key loop. There are two card slots, the second being large enough to fit cash and coins. So its like a card wallet with a coin pocket also.

The leather I use here is a 5oz, Calf leather, which I source personally here in Madrid, Spain. The feel is very soft, yet a thick, rich leather, that develops so much Patina and character over time.

This Keychain leather wallet also comes in Tan.



There is no machinery used here. The entire wallet is made from cut to stitch entirely by hand. The edges are burnished and then sealed to they do not ever come apart.

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