Leather Wallet With Guitar Pick Holder - The Pick Wallet

Leather Wallet With Guitar Pick Holder - The Pick Wallet

Why I made a leather wallet with a pick holder?

I made some leather pick holder keychains once, and just gave them out to a few friends that I knew liked music, and someone asked me if I could make a wallet with a pick holder attached to it, and after a few iterations trying to decide where the pick holder would be best placed on the wallet, how big or small it should be, I settled on the design you now see here. 

I wanted the wallet to be minimalist because I don´t like any type of bulk in my pocket, but I also like a wallet that can carry a few cards and a couple notes in the middle. So as yuu see, the wallet is really slim, the leather thickness is 1.2mm and there are two layers, so the wallet is very slim and slips right in your front pocket. 

I am really happy to be a leatherworker

Making a wallet with a pick holder was a really cool project, because making a good quality wallet is a great feeling when you see the finished product, but making something original that has more use than just carrying cards and cash is really awesome. 

I know the person that buys this will carry it all the time and it wont just end up in a draw, because just as making leather goods is a passion of mine, making music is going to be a passion for someone that owns this wallet and that gives me a really good feeling. Theres an exchange there that gives me a happy feeling.

A final word on the The Pick Wallet

The wallet is made by hand from cut to stitch each time. Each wallet is cut, glued and sewn with strong waxed thread that will keep the wallet together for a long long time. The edges of the wallet are burnished using good old elbow grease sealing them so you don´t have a raw edge. And the defining feature, the pick holder on the wallet, cut and sewn in by hand, the pick will wear out before the pick holder does for sure. 

wallet with pick pouch

If you want to buy a wallet with a pick holder, go here to get your own. You can also have your wallet personalised with initials if you like, just drop me a line and we can discuss that.


Personalised guitar pick keyring

I mentioned at the start that what lead me to making a wallet with a pick holder was the initial guitar pick keyring I had made, so while I am here, I wanted to go over that project as well.

personalised guitar pick keyring

Im not entirely sure what to call these, is it a guitar pick key chain, guitar pick key chain holder but I settled on a guitar pick keyring, or to shorten it, I think I will cal it the Pick Ring ! but yeah, it was something I made on a whim and turned out to be really useful to a musician.

Something as small as a pick is probably easily misplaced, and although they are relatively inexpensive, a pick is still something you would be using quite often, so if you could have your pick on a keychain and know it would not fall out, It adds some peace of mind I would think. 

You can attach the pick jeyring to your bunch of keys, to your bag, the zip on your guitar case or whatever instrument you use the pick for. I just wanted to make something useful and not a run of the mill product, so if you are looking for somewhere safe to keep your pick, a guitar pick key chain is a pretty good option and classy.

guitar pick key chain

If you want a personalised pick key chain, a pick keychain with initials, or an engraved guitar pick keyring, just drop me a line via the contact section and I will be happy to discuss making your very own personalised pick key ring. 

If you like the look of this pick key chain, then you can buy it from me right here.

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